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Please keep in mind the following breaking changes as you upgrade from either API 2020-06-09 or 2020-08-04 to 2021-02-11.

Create a Partnership

Creating a partnership has 2 new required fields:

These fields affect behavior in the main Routable application and map to our contact autofill settings.


To maintain the behavior present on existing versions of the API when upgrading, you can pass up actionable for both of these fields.


Send partnership invite

Sending a partnership invite now requires that you specify partnership members that should be sent the invite. This is to enable more control over which members of a partnership receive invites and which members are eligible to fill in the information requested.

In previous versions, we sent invites to all the external company's partnership members and allowed them to fill in their payment information.

To maintain the existing behavior when upgrading, you must do two things: